Wheel of the Year Workshop


Balance Yoga & Wellness (New Orleans)
Sundays in January (5th, 12th ,19th – 11:30am-2pm)
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How do the months and weeks pass by with so many forgotten items left on the TO DO LIST?
I want to go back to School/Quit My Job/Save for a down payment on a house but I need to get ORGANIZED…
I want to be in a ROUTINE of practicing yoga and meditation but I can’t seem to get into the habit and stay in the habit…
It’ s a simple, easy to use system that helps you:

    • Connect Spiritually
    • Get Organized
    • Stay on Task
    • Manage your Goals
    • See results!

Start by Learning the Basic Methodology

Wheel of the Year Program Intro
Group Workshop $108 (offered quarterly)
Individual WOTY Preliminary Session $175


CLICK HERE to See More on How the Preliminary Session Works

*The preliminary session or workshop gives you the basic tools to incorporate this organizational methodology into your wheelhouse as well as access to the online companion for reminders.  It’s a necessary 1st step to set the foundation of the deeper work that we can do together.* 

These methods along with Yoga and Wellness are the central figures of this program and form the axle in your …


In this Program you will learn how to utilize the energies of the Sun and Moon using the template of your personal astrology and the Pagan Calendar to help you align your individual intentions with the nature of the world around you every single day, every month, for 3 months at a time.

I will help you map out a design for living that helps you stay on the beam and reach for balance in your mind, body, spirit, work, life, kids, savings account, doctor’s appointments, sleeping, waking, having fun, tackling hard stuff and sweating the small stuff.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 (also, The Byrds)

Single Mid-Season CheckUp  $108 
Many Clients get a lot out of incorporating this system and making one seasonal adjustment to stay on track – Single sessions can be booked at anytime and include a more in-depth Natal Chart Analysis.

Sun Cycle Series $225 (3 Sessions)
Meet once a month over the Quarter to refresh your journal, get informed guidance on your personal goals, discuss realignments/strategies for staying on task, get a Tarot Consultation and Personalized Natal Chart Assessment.  Includes Yoga and Relaxation at your request.

Total Seasonal Alignment $899 (12 Full Service Sessions)
Once a week for Twelve Weeks.  Yoga/Relaxation/Personalized Guidance/Tarot and Astrology Services.  This is a mercurial immersion. Studies show that 90 day programs are the most effective in breaking through mental, emotional and physical blocks and developing lasting habits.  This is the most interactive and hands on approach to integrate this unique process for a magically aligned reality. 

Esoteric Services
Available via Consultation. 

Tarot/Natal Chart Overviews
Wedding Celebrant/Life Event Services

Divination/Altar Magic/Sabbats & Rituals
House Blessing/Spiritual Cleansing