The Inherently Valid Fund

In the Spring of 2018 I founded “The Inherently Valid Fund” as a result of the overwhelming community support my audience offered me to assist in the costs of travel to perform at my very first Burlesque Festival.

Artwork by Mark Aguhar

The title of this fund is based on a work called “These are the Axes” by the late Mark Aguhar which states:

    1. Bodies are Inherently Valid.
    This statement informs a lot of my philosophy in the art I make, the yoga I teach and the relationships I build and maintain.  The Ecdysiast Artform has giving me an indescribably healing relationship with my body and I see the benefit of the performing arts as a medium for transformation with ones own relationship to their spirit embodied.
    My own challenges coming to terms with my gender and body dysmorphia pale in comparison to the inspiring individuals who face this journey without the myriad privileges from which I benefit.  As such, I see a responsibility to take action through conscious giving.

The Inherently Valid Fund is committed to providing support wherever possible for Trans* Individuals and People who are Differently Able in the performing arts and makes contributions to influential organizations on behalf of New Orleans to the cities where I travel to share my work.

You are welcome to contribute any amount to The Inherently Valid Fund at any time.

Past beneficiaries of The Inherently Valid Fund include:

Transgender Awareness Network of Texas (TENT),
BreakOUT (New Orleans),
GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS)
–a subsidiary of Children’s Hospital – Dallas TX,
Nicole Marquez – Motivational Speaker and Spinal Cord Injury Advocate,
Alexander the Great for the Boiz of Austin.

One Scholarship Currently on Hold to the New Orleans School of Burlesque “Like a Virgin” Beginner Burlesque Workshop.