Horsefeathers! Starring Tarah Cards

Friday March 29th – 7pm
Cafe Istanbul 2372 St. Claude Ave


Do you cry alone in the bathroom at work? Fantasize about putting a mischievous hex on your ex? Suffer from a lack of spellboundaries? Witch Please! If it isn’t one thing – it’s your mother!

High Fashion, Flying Circus, and Spiritual Elevation! A tour de force of Self Care via the Occult and Gestalt.

We might just break your lenten promise for you…


This event features VIP Priority Seating that includes swag bags with free gifts from local sponsors and personalized memorabilia from the cast.  Avant-garde performances from New Orleans Drag and Burlesque favorites and some zany magic trickery. Tarah Cards and the Illustrious Haus Of Cards are promising to have you spellbound with this over the top rib tickling cabaret.  Precious Ephemera’s special blend of non-binary performance and storytelling guffawed audiences last fall and she’s back with a special potion.

The Grand Dame of the Damned herself is conspiring with the Ingenious Androgyne for a night that’s sure to leave you feeling light as a feather, stiff as a board.

Entertainment for the emotionally challenged, Uplifting Comedy, Burlesque and Variety.

Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and join Precious Ephemera for an evening to remember!

International Superstar Tarah Cards (Haus of Cards)

Josh Vine Photography


  • Dante The Magician
  • Liza Rose (Fly Circus)
  • Hann Cowger (NYC)
  • Juno (Inferno Burlesque)
  • Jyldo (CHI)
  • Ariana Amour (Reigning Unicorn of the Crescent City)
  • Nicole Marquez (Inherently Valid Fund)
  • Tammy (#preciousandtherealgirl) – Voiced By Gayle King Kong

…and introducing The Show Ponies via Rocket Babe Burlesque


March 29th at 7pm. $18


A portion of proceeds supports The Inherently Valid Fund

For more details visit

Horsefeathers – The Cabaret for People Like Us

November 24th is the World Premiere of my Self Help Cabaret

at Cafe Istanbul inside The New Orleans Healing Center


Do you ever get so very lonely all alone by yourself but the thought of having other people around also sounds gut-wrenchingly terrible? 

Do you feel guilty about not feeling guilty about ghosting the party after one quick trip to the snack buffet?

Well this entertainment was designed with you in mind!  The world and all it’s charms could never hold a candle to the quiet safety of your very own fortress of solitude but Horsefeathers is sure to provide the next best thing.

An evening of self-respecting performances with consent and good boundaries awaits you – with storytelling and comedy by yours truly, you’ll be sure to find at least some of the show relatable!

Whoever you are – no matter how lonely nothing is more satisfying than watching a person light themselves on fire.

and if not – there’s LIVE MUSIC, FIRE, BURLESQUE, and DRAG


All the way from Austin TX and the House of Famous…
esteemed ecdysiast of gender illusion
SELMA BAWDY (standard rates apply)

My good Judy and Co-Producer of The Untucked Tassel

Rolled in all the trappings of old Hollywood glamour, Selma Bawdy is a triple threat: a chanteuse, a classically trained dancer, and full of enough outrageous stories that she may as well be an actress. All the shapeshifting of Selma Bawdy, brought to you in part by Bobby Barnaby, the man tightening up the corset strings, represents classic female impersonation at its finest.

36-24-36 The numbers don’t lie, and as always, standard rates apply.

Leader and creator of the Phishnets, San Francisco’s all drag chorus line