I’m definitely not a French Quarter tourist attraction when it comes to these services.  These esoteric tools are time honored and sacred but not as complicated as you might think…

Quite the opposite, really.  Through a process commonly referred to as “divining”  I  will consult the components of your Astrology for some practical insight that will encourage self-discovery (svadhyaya) to promote responsible decision making and self reflection.

One of the most important things my Tarot teacher taught me is that the most healing aspect of the Tarot is how spirit moves through two people, two hearts and minds that are in an open, sacred exchange that has been practiced for centuries.   I simply provide a gateway for you to access your most powerful asset – your own intuition.

Las palabras no pueden explicar cuánto te extraño, Carmen!

HOW IT WORKS– In person or via WiFi  $108

  1. Schedule your 75 Minute Session Schedule Appointment
  2. Fill out the form information to the best of your ability
  3. Submit your payment to

I’ll touch base the day of your appointment via Email with a Zoom Link

For your session you should find a quiet place away from all distraction where you have a strong WiFi Signal. We’ll interpret your natal chart first as an overview then based on some queries you might have – and then we’ll work together through a tarot spread to awaken the priceless gift of YOUR OWN intuition.

For well over a decade I’ve incorporated several approaches, traditions, and doctrines into my spiritual practice. Sourcing from Sufism, Christianity, Hoodoo, Astrology, Neo-Paganism, and Folk Magic I utilize an arsenal of ideologies for you to pick and choose the things you like.

I offer everything from Tarot Readings and Astrological Chart Comparisons to Spiritual Remembrances, House Blessings and Unique Wedding Experiences.

I’m happy to step in anywhere you might need some spiritual guidance.

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