Ephemeral Experiences

The Ephemeral Experiences Mighty Network is a Community

Queer Art

Spiritual Creativity

Legacies & Culture

Precious Ephemera hosts magical events, splendid retreats, and courses in Spiritual Creativity.  Based on the Ephemeral Philosophy and The House of Famous motto that “Nice is the New Fierce”, Precious seeks to foster a loving community of Magical Queer Discovery.  … and FASHION!

Ask her about Non-Binary Beauty, Tarot & Astrology, Yoga Philosophy and Practice, or jump into a Seasonal Spirit Circle or Magic Camp course!  

We’re Building a World of Queer Imagination.  We honor the Culture & Legacy of the Queer Community through Art and Creative Expression.  We practice Yoga and Storytelling with our Elders, Learn Magic from each other, and uplift the voices of our youth.  We are creating the Spiritual Path of Self-Determination and we are doing it together.  

You can get access to exclusive content, courses in Spiritual Creativity and Special offers and announcements. Join the Magic Camp to post and share your experience.

And we laugh, a LOT.  

If you’re looking for some light-hearted enlightenment, well, you just stepped in it!