Ephemeral Experiences near you!

I’ve launched an Online Interactive Community through Mighty Networks… and You’re Invited!

This is the place where all the magic happens! Helpful Articles that center around Queer Art, Yoga, Witchcraft & Wellness. Help me build Community Events for Fabulous Fun and Community Connection. For a limited time – I’m offering a lifetime membership to to “Ephemeral Experiences” for anyone who takes MAGIC CAMP 2021!

After that – Membership will be subscription based so JOIN NOW!


This is a 15 Day Magical Immersion designed to help you discover and access your own spiritual path.  We will use simple tools to focus your energy and attention on your personal purpose. Follow along with the included Interactive Workbook (yours to keep) and engage with others in an exclusive community network via Mighty Networks (updated daily). 

Expect to dedicate 15-45 minutes per day to the material/practice. 

• Learn the Ephemeral Philosophy
• Build a Magical Altar 
• Cast a Sacred Circle
• Focus your Intentions
• Engage in a Curious Community

This is a non-denominational and inclusive course in Spiritual Creativity. 
Dogma Free Zone!  All spectrums of spiritual expression WELCOME

This workshop meets Saturdays from 2-4pm Central Time
and Culminates in a Closing Ceremony to Celebrate Beltane!

April 17 • April 24 •  May 1


• Magical/Spiritual/Religious concepts of Gender
• Faery Folk and other Magical Entities
• Binding Spells and Magical Knots
• Tarot Divination Study
• Floriography and other Flower Magic

Tiered pricing to suit your circumstance.

$42.99 for students and under-employed pals.
$79.99 Standard Price
$109.99 Helps the Underdog AND includes a separate 45min one on one session.

Registration ends at 11:59pm on April 15th 

YOGA 50+ for Everybody who needs a little breathing Room!

FREE yoga class every Tuesday at 1:30pm Central Time called Yoga 50+  

In this class, we practice a 15 minute guided meditation followed by a chair-assisted stretch program appropriate for ANYONE who needs to decompress midday but dedicated to LGBTQIA+ folks 50 and older.  Just log in via Zoom at: 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 777 683 268

This class is dedicated to providing
Wellness Support for LGBTQIA 50+ Folks (and Allies!)

If you are interested in Supporting this Work in my Mighty Network – YOU CAN!

The SPARKLE YOGA 50+ Plan is only $9.99 per month and you get access to a Special Members Only Wellness 50+ group where I post helpful articles, tutorials, recordings and guided meditations! Join LGBTQIA 50+ Folks from ALL OVER!

Yoga & Spiritual Services

I’m still teaching yoga online Tuesdays & Saturdays at 12 Noon!
Visit www.balanceyogawellness.com for packages and registration.
Class is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Right now I’m able to accommodate up to 4 students at the studio for a private or semiprivate session.

Grab a Buddy (or three) and Split the Cost
$108 per session or 3 for $225

Discover a new Approach

I help folks like yourself get in touch with their bigger purpose through an appreciation for possibility and a process I refere to as Spiritual Creativity. You can access wellness from any vantage point in life and what works for some people can’t be contained in a rigid or dogmatic approach.

For well over a decade I’ve incorporated several, traditions, and doctrines into my spiritual practice. I’ve pulled together a light-hearted approach to eclectic spirituality that I like to call “The Ephemeral Philosophy.” Several times a year I bring people together to get creative around spirituality in a self-determined way.

Awaken Your Intuition…

Growing up Queer in a rural community I always had a deep connection with my empathic nature.  I’ve spent time in very austere religious environments as well as radical chaos communities and have since settled into a solitary practice that works for me.

I’m happy to share that with you…

many of us crave spirituality but don’t quite align or agree with the organized religion we’ve been introduced to.

There are many paths to peace…

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure of your place in the world, or you need insight to make a big decision, you can open the door to your deepest wisdom in a short amount of time through the ancient practices of divination.

in the Ephemeral Experiences Network

Visual Aid


Expert Witness

May Queen

Southern Hospitality


A Spectacular Spectacle of Uplifting Comedy, Burlesque, and Variety that celebrates the sensational qualities of the human experience!

Do you cry alone in the bathroom at work?  Finish off imaginary arguments hours later in the shower?  Still think your mom can tell when you eat those cookies in bed like a grown up?

It’s High-Functioning Entertainment for the Emotionally Stifled!

This Quarterly Creature Feature is
Pure Malarkey!  Balderdash!   PHOOEY!

With appearances by local and traveling talent, Horsefeathers is a tribute to the zany, show stopping performances that reminisce the stages of the Ziegfeld Follies.  Entertainment that’s sure to keep you clutching your pearls and holding your breath. Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and join Precious Ephemera for an evening to remember!

A portion of proceeds benefit The Inherently Valid Fund to support Trans* Identified Community Members and People who are Differently-Abled  in the Performing Arts.

Get in Touch!

Do you have a Question?  Wanna Collaborate?

Ever seen a Drag Queen officiate a Wedding?  I’m Ordained!

Just drop me a line…