Ephemeral Experiences Starting Now!

I’ve launched an Online Interactive Community.

Precious Ephemera hosts Magical Events, Splendid Retreats, and courses in Spiritual Creativity.  Based on the Ephemeral Philosophy and The House of Famous motto that “Nice is the New Fierce”, Precious seeks to foster a loving community of Magical Queer Discovery.

Why You Should Join

We’re Building a World of Queer Imagination.  We honor the Culture & Legacy of the Queer Community through Art and Creative Expression.  

We share stories with our Elders, Learn Magic from each other, and uplift the voices of our youth.  We are creating a Spiritual Path of Self-Determination and we are doing it together.

And we laugh, a LOT.  
If you’re looking for some light-hearted enlightenment, well, you just stepped in it!

This is the spot for all my Performance Events, Queer get-togethers, Magic Camp Workshops, and other Spiritual Creativity through art! The coolest thing about The Ephemeral Experience Network is that it’s a community so you can contribute!

My goal is to have a thriving community of folks who are interested in learning magic, celebrating queerness through art, and skipping out on “nightlife” for fulfilling and meaningful community engagement.

This is where the magic happens! It’s a digital environment that inspires initiatives on the ground that celebrate Queer Art, Spiritual Creativity, and Community Connection.

Yoga & Spiritual Services

After 15 years as a full-time yoga instructor, I’ve taken my leave of teaching regular public classes to pursue a career in Interactive Design. While I’ll always be a yoga teacher at heart, I’m thrilled to embark on this major shift toward building an equitable relationship between our humanity and the emergent technology we are integrating into our lives.

If you are interested in practicing yoga for personal wellness, I’d be happy to share the multitude of resources I’ve accumulated over the years and point you in the best direction.

Discover a new Approach

I help folks like yourself get in touch with their bigger purpose through an appreciation for possibility and a process I refer to as Spiritual Creativity. You can access wellness from any vantage point in life and what works for some people can’t be contained in a rigid or dogmatic approach.

For well over a decade I’ve incorporated several, traditions, and doctrines into my spiritual practice. I’ve pulled together a light-hearted approach to eclectic spirituality that I like to call “The Ephemeral Philosophy.” Several times a year I bring people together to get creative around spirituality in a self-determined way.

Awaken Your Intuition…

Growing up Queer in a rural community I always had a deep connection with my empathic nature.  I’ve spent time in very austere religious environments as well as radical chaos communities and have since settled into a solitary practice that works for me.

I’m happy to share that with you…

many of us crave spirituality but don’t quite align or agree with the organized religion we’ve been introduced to.

There are many paths to peace…

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure of your place in the world, or you need insight to make a big decision, you can open the door to your deepest wisdom in a short amount of time through the ancient practices of divination.

in the Ephemeral Experiences Network

Visual Aid


Expert Witness

May Queen

Southern Hospitality


A Spectacular Spectacle of Uplifting Comedy, Burlesque, and Variety that celebrates the sensational qualities of the human experience!

Do you cry alone in the bathroom at work?  Finish off imaginary arguments hours later in the shower?  Still think your mom can tell when you eat those cookies in bed like a grown up?

It’s High-Functioning Entertainment for the Emotionally Stifled!

This Quarterly Creature Feature is
Pure Malarkey!  Balderdash!   PHOOEY!

With appearances by local and traveling talent, Horsefeathers is a tribute to the zany, show stopping performances that reminisce the stages of the Ziegfeld Follies.  Entertainment that’s sure to keep you clutching your pearls and holding your breath. Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and join Precious Ephemera for an evening to remember!

A portion of proceeds benefit The Inherently Valid Fund to support Trans* Identified Community Members and People who are Differently-Abled  in the Performing Arts.

Get in Touch!

Do you have a Question?  Wanna Collaborate?

Ever seen a Drag Queen officiate a Wedding?  I’m Ordained!

Just drop me a line…